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 How To Use Trading Chests

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How To Use Trading Chests Empty
PostSubject: How To Use Trading Chests   How To Use Trading Chests Icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2007 9:42 pm

Step 1. Get a person to trade with you. You and that person must be on the same screen to use a trading chest.

Step 2. Put your items/gold into your trading chest. As always, the maximum gold you can put at once is 9999, but you can put multiple stacks of 9999 gold.

Step 3. Type +trade with <player> and a message is sent to the other person with what items you have in your chest and what they have in theirs.

Step 4. If the other person is content, he/she types in +accept trade and a message is sent to you with what items are in the trading chests. If he/she does not like the trade, he/she types +deny trade and the trade is canceled. During this period, you may type +cancel trade to stop the trade.

Step 5. Type +accept trade and your trade is completed! Type +deny trade to cancel it.

This method works very well and I have never been scammed using it.
Each person is shown the total contents. Each person can deny or accept the trade.

If you put in some golden wings and the other person puts in an apple and types +accept trade you can then +deny trade and the trade will be canceled.

It is very safe and I've not heard of one misshap. No scams using the trading chests, no items lost in lag, no problems other than a few people not sure how to use them.
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How To Use Trading Chests
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