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 Guide to Making Money

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Guide to Making Money Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Making Money   Guide to Making Money Icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2007 9:36 pm

This guide will help you with making money in Terra, but please remember you have to be patient when making money.

Ok, so lets start.

- Noob island

- Fishing + Cooking. When you first start out, the best thing to do is fish, cook, and sell. This will get you a few 1000 if not more. Baisicly paying for armor and other needs.
- Orcs. Then once you've done this, train your hp to say 30 on either wolves or slimes. Once done, head over to edgewood and set your spawn, From here you should go to orcs and train, You will get alot of the following: 10 gold, Orc meat, and Short swords.
The meat, if you cook will sell for 15 gold each, thus providing a quite alot of money if you train there alot. Short swords sell for 250 each at the edgewood sword shop, but you can sell to played for 400-500 gold per.
- Mastering mining. This is a quite profitable skill, whilst mastering it you will accumilate a few chunks such as: Iron chunks, Steel chunks, Star chunks.
You will also come into alot of crystals, these cannot be sold on noob island to a shop, BUT if you keep em when you get to main people will buy from you.
- Alchemy This has some good profit, another skill which you find quite handy in the game, Baisicly you buy the crystals, OR use the ones from mining and buy potion bottles, Begin to alc, After you've mastered alchemy you should have quite a few potions. Sell them and see how much you have achieved. Note the ammount of money you have before you start.
- Plate helms + ROQ's. Ok, Firstly once you have gotten atleast 60hp you should head over to mega slimes located in the forest of karmiel. Once your in kill the mega slimes. These drop 20g and broken plate helms quite often. Plate helms are worth 2k-3k each on noob island and alot of people buy them as it is the best helmet on the game. You also need one for the best shield, the ice shield.
ROQ's (Ring of quickness) These items are very handy on noob as they make you hit monsters alot faster, make you mine faster, Etc... You can obtain these by getting an orc burger, going deep into the forest in karmiel, and entering the elves lair. Slay the elf and you will have gotten an herb. Then visit karmiel beach and give the herb to a guy inside of a hut on the beach. He swaps the herb for a ROQ. Which are worth a stunning 2-3k each, Do this and you will receive a fair ammounts of money pretty quick!

- Main island!

I'm gonna explain the best ways to make money on main, but not all of them.

- Cyclops. Ok, so when you get to main island head north east to reach escher, then set your spawn go north west until you find a little spot where cyclops and imps spawn. It is fairly close to the spawn so don't worry. Kill the cyclops and imps which will drop the following: 20g, Long swords, Crystals, Cyclops meat.
You can sell the long sword to the escher sword shop for around 400-500 gold. But some players may buy em 600-700 gold each. You can also cook and sell the meat form the cyclops for 35 each this will provide a steady income.
- Dwarves When you reach reet, it is best to set your spawn as you will be dying numerous times. Then go west 2 or 3 screens until you meat a dwarf patchf Kill these dwarves as they drop the following: 50g, 70g, broken broad swords.
You can sell the broken broad sworss to players for 3500-4500 gold each OR repair them and sell them back to the reet sword shop located in the mall for 4000 gold.
- Ghouls. Ghouls are a good source of money. They drop 700g, and also drop titanium armors. But you need to be in advents to get good profit so beware!

That is my money making guide, I did not note most money making schemes in main as i find that dwarves and cyclops are the source of best income. Ghouls are a really good way of making money but only if your an advanced player.

- Mics ways of making money.

- Lottery. Every now and then a command prompt will come on the screen and say purchase a lottery ticket, Buy one! The grand prive is 15k when baisicly all you have to pay is 300-500 gold for a ticket.
- CTF. Also another command prompt will pop up and give you a line to join ctf, But dont forget YOU MUST vote first, only 6 votes take less then 5 mins. You pay 200g to enter and can win anywhere from 400-1000+ gold!
- PK'ing (player killing). This also can bring in some money as you may be aware, Alot of pkers wait for new players to run along to reet with all there money in the inventory, Well they kill those new players and if your carrying more then 1.4k in your inventroy, Well lets just say..when you spawn you'll have less than that.

And thats pretty much how u should make money in Terra
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Guide to Making Money
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