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 Commands List

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Commands List Empty
PostSubject: Commands List   Commands List Icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2007 7:31 pm


[Text] <== Chat
' [Text] <== Broadcast
/g [Text] <== Guild Chat
+o [Text] <== Officer Chat
+t [Text] <== CTF Team Chat
- [text] <== Admin Chat

Other Commands:

who <== Who is Online
/me [Text] ==>PolskiPL [Text]
/password= [newpasshere] <== Password Change
/msg [nick] [Text] <== IM Player
/ignore [nick] <== Add Player to Ignore List
/friends add [nick] <== Add Player to Friends List
/unignore [nick] <== Delete Player from Ignore List
/help <== Help
/invite [nick] <== Invite Players to Guild (only if you are guild leader)
accept <== Accept Invite
/deposit [money] <== Deposit Money (Only in Bank)
/withdraw [money] <== Withdraw Money (Only in Bank)
/balance <== Check How Many you have in Bank (Only in Bank)
/leave faction <== Quit Factions
+the password is *** <== Use Your Password
+password list <== Your Passwords List
+buy lottery ticket <== Lottery
+who is in power? <== Which Factions Is in Power
+trade with [nick] <== Use Trade chest
+accept trade <== Accept Trade
+cancel trade <== Cancel Trade
+morph items <== Morph items in trade chest
+use golden cup <== Use Gold Cup
+check permhp <== Check your PermHP
+jail [nick] <== Jailing Player (only officers, mappers, admins)
+mute [nick] <== Mute Player (only officers, mappers, admins)
+voice [nick] <== Voice Player (only officers, mappers, admins)
+release [nick] <== Release Player (only officers, mappers, admins)
+lock [nick] <== Lock Player (only mappers, admins)
+ipban [nick] <== Ban Player IP (only mappers, admins)
+rangeban [nick] <== Ban .. (only mappers, admins)
+charban [nick] <== Delete Char (only mappers, admins)
+start CTF <== Start CTF (only mappers, admins)
/kick [nick] <== kick player (only mappers, admins)
+kick [nick] <==
+end ctf <== End Ctf
+global mute <== Global mute
/location <== Shows your coordinates

Warp Commands(only for admins):

/warpmeto [raviel] <==Warps you to a character
/warptome [raviel] <==Warps a character to you
/warp [raviel] to [place] <==Warps to place (like Reet)
/warp [raviel] XxxxxYxxxx X X <==Warps you to an exact location
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Commands List
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