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 Rules and Laws Governing the Server and Forums!

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Rules and Laws Governing the Server and Forums! Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Laws Governing the Server and Forums!   Rules and Laws Governing the Server and Forums! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2007 7:04 pm

Forum Rules

1. Do not cuss. Terra is played by many different age groups.

2. Do not spam. Speak in whole ideas. Spamming will be dealt with by adding you to the spammers list on the forums. Depending on the severity of it you could be banned from the forums and/or the game.

3. Do not necro (reanimate) old threads. Everything has it's time to die. If it's older than about 2 weeks, leave it alone.

4. No posting of any kind of non-work or non-school safe material (offensive sites, pornography, etc.). This will be removed and could result in you being perminantly banned from the game.

5. Do not advertise your server here.

6. Do not let arguments bleed over. If you are mad at someone, do not follow them around flaming them whenever they post. If you need to rage, then goto the fighting forum.

7. Warez, ROMS, MP3s, ,and the b37 or earlier server client are ALL ILLEGAL. ANYONE found posting requests for these will have their topic locked, anyone PROVIDING will be added to spammers for first offense and banned for the second.
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Rules and Laws Governing the Server and Forums!
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